Mission Statement

Welcome to Phanfare. This started out as a pet project of mine. Being a Phantom collector, there has always been, to my mind, a ton of stuff that I’d like to see… things that, if they were a licensed Phantom product, I’d buy in an instant. I hope to do that here. Over the course of time, you’ll see all of the Phantom merchandise, here, that I would have liked to have seen myself. So now, when I want a particular Phantom product, that doesn’t yet exist, I go and take out a license and produce it – and hopefully you’ll like it, and maybe buy it, and keep it all viable – a perfect synergy!!! I welcome any suggestions – please feel free to let me know what’s on your Phantom wish list and maybe we’ll be able to bring it to fruition.

I’ll share all of the conceptual, pre-production and prototype imagery with you, not only to keep you all in the loop, but also to gauge the interest in my products – so please be as vocal as you want. There’ll be the odd incentive now and then – original design sketches, production samples, etc, for those who can help me with good advice and constructive criticism – so keep checking back in.

Remember…all prices include postage within Australia.

Thank you, and please browse,

Glenn Ford.